Sunday, January 21, 2018

Junk Mail Facts and Statistics

Anyone who has a mailbox knows that junk mail has all but become an epidemic, especially in the past few decades.

Direct Mail Advertising (DMA) from places like restaurants, car dealerships, political parties and credit card companies account for the vast majority of the junk mail delivered in the United States. Regardless of the source, DMA, commonly referred to as “junk mail”, poses serious environmental hazards.

Junk mail is called junk mail for good reason. Most people don’t even open it. It gets thrown into a shred or recycling pile…or even worse, the trash. 

“According to Edward Humes, author of the book "Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash," the energy used to create and distribute junk mail in the US for one day could heat 250,000 homes.”  
Some other staggering statistics about junk mail and its environmental effects are below:

  • “Billions and billions. The amount of junk mail delivered each year is staggering. It’s been estimated at 100 billion pieces of mail in the U.S. each year. That’s one-third of the total of all mail delivered in a year. Or to put it another way, every household gets about 848 pieces of junk mail a year.
  • 100 million trees. The only way to produce that much junk mail is to rely on lots of trees. Experts estimate 100 million trees are used every year just to produce junk mail. Many of them come from the largest forests in the world – located in Indonesia and Canada. But those forests are also home to about 17 percent of the world’s birds and 12 percent of the mammals on earth.
  • Nearly 1 in 3 chances it’s junk mail. If you stored your junk mail, it would weigh 41 pounds by the end of the year. While there’s a 30 percent chance that an individual piece of mail delivered anywhere in the world is junk mail, the percentage of junk mail to regular mail in the United States is much greater. Experts say the average person gets 18 pieces of junk mail for every piece of so-called “regular” mail delivered.
  • Credit solicitations. While there are many different kinds of junk mail, solicitations from credit card companies account for a good chunk of junk mail. That’s the case even though credit card companies have determined that only .25 percent of everyone who gets a junk mail solicitation will become a customer.
  • Loss of trees. The loss of 100 million trees a year is a huge blow, experts say. The forests on the earth absorb 2 billion tons of carbon a year. But with the deforestation needed for junk mail, there are fewer trees to help reduce greenhouse gases.
  • Fill up landfills. About 42 percent of all junk mail goes to landfills unopened. That fills up space and creates demand for new landfills.
  • Junk mail production. The factories that create and ship out junk mail are responsible for carbon emissions equivalent to about 9 million vehicles, according to
  • Reduce junk mail and save the planet. Experts say that by hiring one of many companies that offer to contact direct marketers to remove you from mailing lists, you can eliminate at least 80 percent of your junk mail. There are also a number of free ways to reduce your personal pile of junk mail.”
To help stop this environmental tragedy, contact one or all of the organizations below:
  • Paperkarma app available for iPhones and Androids
For more information on waste and alternatives visit

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